About Us

A unique card.

A thoughtful handwritten note.

A gift wrapped with exquisite paper.

Increasingly we live in a hyper-connected world. We are more in contact with each other than ever before: we email, we text, we tweet, yet we have the feeling that something has been lost. We rediscover that lost something when we receive a card in the post; the excitement of opening it, reading handwritten words, the pleasure of feeling the paper and admiring the design, knowing it was carefully chosen just for us. We place the card on the mantel, and later in a drawer where we will rediscover it months later and enjoy it again.

A card that is thoughtfully written by hand...a present that is carefully wrapped - why are they so special? They are special because they convey the touch and feel of the giver.

Our mission is to find and create memorable and engaging products for you, our customers.

At Nelson Line we are committed not only to bringing you great cards, gifts and papers, but also to the art of giving.