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The New Yorker - Cartoon Collection

We have journals and notepads for every taste and application, with a great variety of sizes and formats including blank, lined, hard- and softcover, spiral bound with flexicover, and more!

Nelson Line offers its own line of New Yorker Cartoon Journals, currently available in two styles, Cats or Dogs, with more on the way! These simple, minimalistic journals have been carefully designed in-house and feature a sample of The New Yorker's famous cartoons to put a smile on your face as you fill up the pages.

Penny Kennedy, that British powerhouse of stylish textile design, has a line of sleek and eye-catching journals designed with the chic in mind. Bold patterns created by some of the industry's leading young talent add a fashionable twist to a necessary accessory.

Our Customworks collection features imagery drawn from paintings by celebrated artists including Dali, Klimt, Van Gogh, Monet, and Picasso, and famous quotations from literary giants like Virginia Woolf, Oscar Wilde, and Shakespeare. These well-crafted, classic journals, sketchpads, and notebooks make the perfect gift for customers with an appreciation for the arts.

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