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THE NEW YORKER - Cartoon Collection

Nelson Line has a wonderful variety of gift items that make up an expanding part of our collection. Porcelain Trinket Trays, coaster sets, canvas tote bags and zippered pouches, note card boxes & wallets, and a variety of other great items.

We’ve picked the most popular cartoons from our New Yorker collection, plus the brightest stars from Quip, Shakespeare & Jeremyville and created lots of fun new products! ‘Anonymous’ a quote by Virginia Woolf, makes a striking porcelain tray in a beautiful sliding gift box. ‘Dedicated Drinkers ‘and ‘Wine & Mirth’ are just a couple of our clever coaster sets and “Though she be but little, she is fierce” by Shakespeare, graces our very popular zipper pouch and canvas tote bag.

Make sure to check out the variety of gifts from Custom Works, available in a multitude of imagery within the collection.

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